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14k Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings.

Tanzanites are one of our newest mined gemstones. It was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, South Africa. This is the only place on earth it is found. Tiffany and Co. was allowed to name the new gemstone and chose tanzanite. Tanzanites have a color very similar to sapphires but with just a hint of purple.

These earrings are designed in 14k white gold. The two cushion-shaped tanzanites have a combined weight of 1.34 carats. Set around the tanzanites are a total of 42 round diamonds with a total weight of .13 carats.

We carry tanzanites in various types of jewelry, from rings to earrings, pendants, and even bracelets. We also carry quite a few other colored stones in our jewelry. Our Graduate Gemologists can help you understand each colored stone. They will explain differences in color and quality for each one. If you have any questions about these earrings or any item on our website, please reach out and ask!

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