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Jacksonville Custom Jewelry Design

We receive a lot of requests for custom design jewelry work. The reason and the purpose behind the requests are as varied as the designs themselves. Here are a few custom requests we receive, a sample of how we designed a custom engagement ring for a customer, our process in designing custom jewelry, as well as some frequently asked questions and answers.

Updating Inherited Family Jewelry

One of the most common requests for custom designs comes when someone has inherited items from a family member. They love the sentimental attachment associated with that item. There is just one problem; they don't love the piece.

Usually, it is just not their style. It's too big, too small, it's not white gold, it's not yellow gold, it is entirely out of style, or maybe it is just worn out or broken. In this situation, some do nothing. The item sits for years without being loved and enjoyed. Is that what your loved one would have wanted? Or would she be happier knowing that you get to wear the item and enjoy it with a bit of adjustment? This design work requires using as many of the original parts as possible.

Custom diamond necklace from family inheritance

Designing a One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Piece

Would you like a ring that is unique to you? Do you have several design elements that you wish to combine into one perfect unique piece and don't know where to begin? At Harby Jewelers of Jacksonville, we love helping clients design one-of-a-kind custom jewelry.

The design can be an idea you have had or something you may have recently seen someone wearing. We can even use a photograph as the basis for a design. All custom work is done on approval, and if you do not like it, we will happily change it.

Custom one-of-a-kind emerald ring

Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement rings are another popular request. We frequently have the couple or just the man come in shopping for that dream engagement ring. Usually, it does not take long before the phone comes out, and we are shown pictures of what she likes.

The images vary, but we begin to see a pattern for her preferences. While we usually have multiple in-stock options of engagement rings that fit her style, sometimes there is a need to make it completely unique. We can merge the design of two or more rings into one perfect ring, or completely design the engagement ring from scratch.

Finished custom engagement ring for an out-of-state client

Our Custom Jewelry Design Process

The custom design process typically follows these steps:

  1. Set up a consultation with Brad or Hugh Harby to discuss your design idea. We will guide you through all of your options and determine the best way to accomplish your vision.
  2. Once a design is determined, we will go through every detail and measurement needed for your design. This process often includes rough sketches and discussing images that the jeweler will use to create your piece of jewelry.
  3. We will have a CAD (computer-aided design) created for your piece of jewelry. The drawings usually take several days and will be a 3D image showing every design detail before moving forward. CAD images can be changed, so we can make adjustments if it's not perfect on the first attempt.
  4. Once the design has been approved a wax will be created which allows our jeweler to perfectly create the design. The final product usually takes a week to three weeks.

    Client Inspired Custom Engagement Ring Example

    While a majority of our custom jewelry design is for customers in and around the Jacksonville area, here's an example of a custom engagement ring we helped an out-of-state customer design. She had a specific vision for a three-stone ring with a tapered shank featuring an intricately detailed engraving.

    The process started with a hand-drawn image provided by the customer. She had a clear idea and took the time to draw out her dream ring.

    Please note, drawing a ring is not mandatory! We can use photos from rings you like to customize the look you're desiring.

    Customer sketch of an engagement ring client wanted designed

    CAD Drawing of Custom Engagement Ring

    After reviewing her initial picture, a few changes were made and submitted for CAD (Computer Aided Design). The CAD drawings took two days to make. After some revisions with our client, the ring was made.

    Our Client Was Thrilled with Her Engagement Ring!

    The custom ring took about ten days to complete, and we were all thrilled with with how the custom engagement ring turned out!

    The custom process can be in person or long distance. Most of our customers enjoy sitting down in our beautiful Jacksonville showroom and discussing their idea. We are also comfortable communicating with you via phone, text, and email. We have made hundreds of long distances appointments and are confident that we can make the perfect custom design if you are not in Jacksonville. If you are ready to start a custom design, please reach out to us to begin the process!

    Custom Designed Engagement Ring from Harby Jewelers of Jacksonville

    FAQ's About Custom Jewelry

      1. Can you turn an inherited piece of jewelry with an older style into something that I want to wear?
        Yes! Changing the style of a piece is one of the most common custom jewelry requests that we provide. Your jewelry can be modified or even deconstructed. We will walk you through all of your options as there are many variables depending on your piece, the number and sizes of stones, and what ideas you envision.
      2. I have a picture of a ring that I want to have made. Can you make a custom ring like the picture?
        Having photos of jewelry you like can be very beneficial. The more pictures and details, the better.  Using CAD design, we can control every component needed for customization. Bring photos, and we will bring your dream to life! 
      3. How long does a custom ring take to have made?
        Designing and constructing a custom piece of jewelry, like an engagement ring, can vary depending on how intricate the piece of jewelry is. Some simple custom jobs can take a week, while more detailed jewelry can take over a month. There are many different avenues of custom work. We always recommend planning ahead and allowing as much time as possible!
      4. How much does it cost for create a custom piece of jewelry?
        This process can be a little intimidating to some. We try to make it as painless as possible. The first question is the cost; does it cost more for custom? We find that with CAD designs, the cost ends up the same as one already created. We do not charge extra for the actual CAD, whether you approve it or not. Typically, jewelry stores charge for the CAD design whether you like it or not. They also require a 50% deposit to begin the project with the balance due once the CAD is approved. So, the item becomes yours whether you like it or not.

        At Harby Jewelers this is not our policy. We do not charge for the CAD designs whether you have the item made or not. You also do not have to pay until the item is finished and you are satisfied with the results. If you don't like it, we can make adjustments as needed. If we can't get it to your satisfaction, we keep it in our stock. This seldom happens. 
      5. What if I don't like how the custom jewelry turns out?
        We take many steps before starting work on any custom jewelry. We will do our best to make sure you  are comfortable and have a clear vision before we begin work. Every custom job is still on your approval.  If you aren't happy with it, we will do everything to fix it, or you will not be charged.
      6. Can I use my diamonds and gold in a custom design?
        Using your gold and diamonds is sometimes possible. It depends on the size and quality of the stones  and what is needed for the new design. Sometimes your stones will work perfectly, and sometimes they won’t. Generally, smaller diamonds can be more challenging to incorporate into new creations. For example, if we are doing a CAD, we recommend allowing the designer to provide the small diamonds. This ensures they are matched perfectly for size, color, and clarity. Larger stones are usually easier to incorporate into a new design. We recommend bringing your stones and gold with you for an appointment. We will evaluate what you have and how it fits a new design.
      7. How does the process work to start making a custom design?
        The easiest way to start the custom design process is to call and set up an appointment with Brad or Hugh Harby. We can answer any question you might have and guide you toward the perfect piece of  jewelry. We will start by listening to your idea, looking at pictures, and then showing you the best way to  accomplish your vision. If you need help thinking of an idea, we’re glad to help! Our goal is to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible. We promise that you will be thrilled with the final product and the service you received.

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