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Jewelry Repair

Jacksonville Jewelry Repair Services

Harby Jewelers is proud to service all of Jacksonville’s jewelry repair needs for over 90 years. Our expert jewelers can service all types of jewelry repair including the following:

  • Stone Setting
  • Ring Sizing
  • Soldering Jewelry
  • Refinishing Jewelry
  • Prong Work
  • Watch Repair
  • Restringing Pearls
  • Diamond and Gemstone Repair
  • Custom Jewelry Design

We offer a free evaluation to determine the type of work needed and an estimate for repair.

Ring Sizing

The sizing of rings is our most requested repair. We can size most rings designed in platinum, gold, or silver. In most cases, a ring can be sized up or down.

Rings with smaller diamonds on the side need to be evaluated to ensure the sizing can be done safely without disrupting the integrity and durability of the prongs. Sizing a ring larger is usually less of a risk than sizing one smaller.

The cost is based on the metal, how many sizes we are changing, whether we are sizing up or down, how many diamonds are in the ring (they have to be checked and often tightened after sizing), the width of the ring, and what type of stones are in the ring. Generally, most sizing jobs are in the $60-$125 range but can run more. Our turnaround is typically 5-10 business days.

Prong Work

Outside of ring sizing, prong work to rings is our second most requested repair. But with this, the client normally does not know the prongs need repair. We typically discover the need during a routine check of the item, which should be done about once a year.

The life on prongs is generally 7-15 years, depending on the metal. Yellow gold wears faster than white gold or platinum.

When an item needs prong work, we evaluate whether it just needs one prong or the rest are just as worn. Occasionally, instead of replacing prongs, we will suggest replacing the entire head. This is the part of the item that holds the stone. If all the prongs are worn, this is typically the direction we recommend. The quality of work is better than just repairing the prongs.

Refinishing Jewelry

This is also a common request. We get more requests for white gold items for refinishing due to discoloration. However, this is not a practice that should be done more than about every five years.

Each time you refinish an item, you are polishing away a portion of the metal. This leads to a shorter life for that item of jewelry. Any time repair work is done, the article of jewelry does require refinishing. The benefit is that the item will return to its original shine and sparkle.

Stone Replacement

We see items come into our shop frequently that have lost a stone.
This can be the result of several issues. Usually, a prong or two has broken off or bent, allowing the stone to fall out. We first have to fix the prongs before replacing the stone. We also frequently see where the prongs are not damaged, but the stone is missing. Typically, this means the missing stone was broken and fell out of the setting. And yes, this often happens with diamonds as well. A diamond has four cleavage directions, so if hit in the right direction, it can crack. We match the size and quality of the remaining stones with any replacement. Once done, it is challenging to tell the replaced stone from the rest.

Diamond and Gemstone Repair

It is not unusual to see diamonds or gemstones in the office that have been damaged. Typically, the damage is minor and can easily be polished out. We have diamond cutters and gemstone cutters that specialize in repairing damage. We would happily discuss your options with a damaged diamond or gemstone.

Watch Repair

The issue is usually a battery if your watch has a quartz movement.

We will test the watch with a new battery to see if that is the issue or if it is more serious. The circuit within the movement occasionally goes bad, requiring a new movement. We can help you with either. Except for a few exceptions, the batteries run $10 installed. We do not offer this service while you wait. Our turnaround time is typically 5-10 days.

We do offer repair service for Rolex and other mechanical movements.
This requires a detailed inspection by our watch technicians. Estimates can take 2-3 weeks to complete. Once the work is approved, the repair can take 4-8 weeks. For some models, the wait is even longer.

Miscellaneous Jewelry Repairs

We repair broken chains and bracelets, replace clasps, and pearl restringing. And many other repair procedures. We would be happy to evaluate your problem to find the best solution.  

All items are insured while in our possession. We understand the importance of your jewelry and will take every precaution to ensure its handling while we have it.  

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