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Engagement Ring Guide

Looking for an engagement ring and don't know where to start? It might sound intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Harby Jewelers of Jacksonville has almost 100 years of helping people just like you find that perfect ring, and we would love to help you as you enter into this exciting time!

While we have some general tips below, please feel free to schedule an appointment, and we can walk you through all the steps and show you engagement rings that fit your budget. We see couples come in together and future grooms wanting to make the selection a complete surprise.

Classic Engagement Rings

Classic diamond engagement rings are characterized by a solitaire center stone and thin band or no band at all. The focus is on the main gemstone of the ring. It is a leading choice among couples looking to buy engagement rings as it symbolizes love and eternity. The bridal party can choose to wear matching ring in the form of an eternity band or choose non-matching diamond stud earrings.

The ring designs are popular for their classic and elegant style. The thin band gives the finger a delicate look which is perfect for those who prefer minimalistic looks.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings have become very popular over the last few years. The halo is a ring that surrounds your center stone with smaller stones, creating an elegant look for your hand as well as representing how you feel about your significant other.

The most common size of ring that the halo surrounds is an engagement ring 1 or a half-carat in size. Half carat stones are relatively small and can be made very big with the help of the halo design around them because of the way light reflects off it, keeping your center stone standing out more than usual.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone diamond engagement rings are a great way for brides to customize their rings and make them more personal. Like all diamonds, three-stone diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of carat sizes, color grades, clarity levels, and shapes. The shape of the center stone can vary widely from round to square to enhance the look or symbolize the style of the ring and the bride. The shape of side diamonds can also vary from round, oval, square, and other shapes to create beautiful combinations that express the personality or style of the wearer.

The two main types of mounting are shank-set stones (in which all three diamonds are set into a metal shank) and channel-set stones (in which the two outside diamonds are channel-set and the center stone is set by itself). In all cases, each of the three diamonds must be properly cut, faceted, and shaped to best display its brilliance.

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