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14k Black Opal and Diamond Pendant

Opals occur in several different varieties. The most common are white opals. This pendant is set with the much rarer black opal. With black opals, the play of color is very important. The size and cut of the stone are also important. The preferred one has a decent size dome to the cut for both play of color and durability.

This black opal weighs 3.55 carats. The color and the play of color are both very good, with lots of green play of color. Set with the opal are six small diamonds. The custom pendant has been created in 14kt white gold and is on a 14kt white gold 18" chain with a 16" ring, allowing it to be worn at the 16" length.

We rarely see black opals of this good quality. Their play of color is unlike any other gemstone. We usually like to set opals in pendants to provide them with more protection than you get when wearing them in a ring.

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